If you’re looking for someone who can speak in an informed way about data protection and GDPR, you need look no further. I’m a confident and energetic speaker and take great pleasure in delivering training to organisations, staff and everything in between. Let’s be honest – data protection can be a bit of a dry subject, but it’s something that can have a profound impact when it’s done well. I do my best to bring data protection to life and make it a bit fun.

The training I offer falls into two separate camps:

Training for organisations

In my training for organisations, I work with senior managers and decision makers to help determine a data protection strategy at an organisational level. If you’re a membership organisation with a membership looking for answers, this is an ideal option.

At the moment I’m touring my half-day session, ‘GDPR: What is it, and what can a small charity do to prepare?’ Over the course of a few hours I carry out a deep dive into the GDPR text, explaining in plain English what the implications are for small charities. I also explore in a practical way things you should start thinking about, things you can implement and tips to get your teams on-side and on-board.

I can also carry out practical classroom-based training, incorporating topics such as:

  • Things you should put into a privacy policy
  • ‘What is appropriate consent under GDPR? How can we collect it and how do we record it?’
  • ‘What on earth is legitimate interest and how can I decide if I have it?’
  • Data subject rights (‘What do I do if I get a subject access request?’)
  • ‘Data retention scares the bejeezus out of me’

All training comes complete with a Q&A at the end, and the option for delegates to send me questions afterwards.

Training for staff

Under the GDPR you’ve not only got an obligation to handle data in a secure fashion, but ensure that your team members who handle personal data do so in a responsible way. I can carry about bespoke training for teams big and small on how to treat personal information with the respect it deserves.

Training doesn’t have to be tedious and I do my darndest to bring the issue of information security to life, with an emphasis on getting across why this stuff is so important.